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Tantric Buddhism is renowned for the mystic rituals, together with sexual traditions (Melton 2009: 1047)

Tantric Buddhism is renowned for the mystic rituals, together with sexual traditions (Melton 2009: 1047)

Synod: A formal meeting out of ministers or other members of the brand new Religious chapel. Which term can also reference a link of places of worship, including the Lutheran Chapel-Missouri Synod (Smith and Green 1995: 1044).

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Taliban: Islamic militants have been trained in Pakistani refugee camps inside Russo-Afghan combat. The newest Taliban grabbed control of Afghanistan throughout the middle-90s and you can turned into it toward a good theocratic state significantly less than Mullah Muhammad O as county is actually providing safeguards and you may protection in order to Osama container Stuffed and you will al-Qaeda (Prothero 2008: 285).

Talmud: A text off opinions and lifestyle complementing the newest Torah or any other Old-testament web log. There’s two Talmuds: the foremost is known as Talmud of one’s Residential property out-of Israel, and you may try finished in Israel ranging from 400-five hundred Le. The second reason is called the Talmud of Babylonia, and you will try accomplished as much as 600 Le inside introduce-big date Iraq (Smith and you may Green 1995: 1048).

Tension: An expression discussing the degree of distinctiveness, separation and you may antagonism regarding the relationship between a spiritual class and you will the latest “outside” business (Stark and you may Finke 2000: 281)

Tantra: An enthusiastic esoteric tradition popular in order to both Hinduism and you can Buddhism (find Tantric Buddhism). They have a tendency to defies caste and you may gender orthopraxy, which is thought to result in nirvana reduced (Esposito et al. 2012b: G-11).

Tantric (Vajrayana) Buddhism: A variety of Buddhism that mixes elements of brand new Theravadan tradition in addition to Mahayanan society according to the faith that everything is permeated of the just one fuel (Shakti) coming out-of Jesus. It came from India in the fifth century Le. They exhibits in itself in the three straight ways: positive male, negative feminine, and the partnership of these two.

Taoism: One of the three “High Instruction out of Asia,” together with Buddhism and Confucianism. Lao tzu (570-490 BCE) founded Taoism, if you find yourself Chuang Tzu (370-290 BCE) then complex they within the Asia. They viewed Confucianism because the an empty selection of traditions, and you can offered self-cultivation due to naturalness and you can love of life. This really is called “philosophical Taoism,” unlike “spiritual Taoism,” that is a later setting you to definitely stresses real immortality thanks to meditation and slimming down practices (Prothero 2008: 286).

Televangelism: The usage tv to teach audiences in the Christianity. Well-known televangelists become Tap Robertson, Jerry Falwell and you can Benny Hinn. The Christian Sending out Community (CBN) are a good example of good Religious television station used in the newest reason for televangelists. Based on how questionnaire researchers investigation televangelism, click.

Televangelist: A great preacher exactly who engages in televangelism (we.age., lookin on tv to preach Christianity). These include Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, and you may Benny Hinn.

Temperance: Best power over a person’s desires and something of five cardinal virtues on Saga hot girl the Catholic culture. It’s in the abstaining from alcohol (see Temperance Movement) (McBrien ).

Temperance Way: An excellent century-much time effort, beginning in brand new nineteenth century, to denounce alcohol based drinks in the us. Of a lot temperance communities, such as the Western Temperance Neighborhood (est. 1826) and you will Women’s Religious Temperance Connection (est. ), got specific involvement with Protestantism and Christian envision. Eight of the 16 founders of one’s American temperance People have been clergyman. Brand new temperance course slowly e even more unpopular (Reid mais aussi al 1990).

Temple: Spiritual buildings for ritual facts and you may social worship (find in addition to Synagogue for Jews). They are also called in Judaism, Mormonism, Hinduism, and you may Buddhism. Here and existed temples from inside the Mesopotamia, ancient Greece, and you may ancient Rome (Smith and you may Eco-friendly 1995: 1059-1062).

Ten Commandments (Decalogue): Religious and you will moral laws and regulations given to Moses by the God on Install Sinai. Which facts is located in the new Hebrew Bible (Old testament) instructions regarding Exodus and you may Deuteronomy. The fresh new 10 Commandments start with personal debt to the Goodness and end with debt to your both. Discover Catholic, Protestant, and you can Jewish variations of these guidelines (Prothero 2008: 190).

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